New Horizons Baking Company is the parent company of the Genesis Baking Company, New Horizons has been manufacturing soft sandwich buns and English muffins for some of the finest customers in the USA since 1967. Historically, our focus has been in QSR and Food Service disciplines, but we are establishing positions in additional areas of the baking industry as well. 


New Horizons is the second largest employer in Norwalk, OH, but our relationship with the community does not end there. NH Community Building is the charitable giving division of New Horizons that is dedicated to giving back to our community through outreach and service.

Metraco is the transportation company responsible for handling the logistics of delivering New Horizons and Genesis quality products to our customers locally and nationwide. Metraco has the same high standards as New Horizons, and ensures that our baked goods get to our clients on time and in pristine condition.