Commitment to


Genesis Baking cares deeply about the well-being of our employees of all levels and treats them like family. We believe in company diversity, fairness and workplace safety. Our promise to treat others the way we would like to be treated applies not only to our customers, but to our employees as well. 

Through leadership training and talent development programs, we provide many opportunities for employee growth. Genesis Baking offers the opportunity for upward mobility within the company, especially since so many employees stick with us for decades. 

We strive to cultivate the various talents of employees of all levels, not only in baking, but also in different capacities of the business. We have discovered that many of our team members have skills and potential in areas such as graphic design, videography, and countless other disciplines. 

Our employees will tell you that Genesis Baking is a fantastic place to work. Our company values of honesty and integrity permeate our company culture. We train every member of the staff how to do their job effectively and to the best of their ability. We truly appreciate all of our employees and their hard work does not go unnoticed