Genesis Baking Company proudly claims the distinction of being The Bakers Baker. By this we mean we have the ability and expertise to increase capacity and baking expertise to our customers to produce high quality baked goods. We can and do develop custom nutritionals and formula for each customer offering. A brief listing of our product set is shown below. 


Soft Rolls Variety Size

Plain 2.5"-4.5" D

Seeded 2.5"-4.5" D

Wheat 2.5"-4.5" D

Whole Wheat 2.5"-4.5" D

Multi-Grain 2.5"-4.5" D

Oval Bun 3" W-5" L                

Hoagie Style 2.75" W-5.5" L

Cluster Hot Dogs 1.75" W-5.75"

Cluster Hamburger 3.5" D

Dinner Rolls 2" W-2"L

Cluster Slider 3" D

Double Decker 4" D

Brioche Style 2.5"-4.5" D

English Muffins Variety Size

Plain 3.75" D

Sourdough 3.75" D

51% Whole Grain 3.75" D

100% Whole Grain 3.75" D

Cinnamon Raisin 3.75" D

Wheat 3.75" D

Multi-Grain 3.75" D


* If you do not see an item on our list please let us know because we also, customize formulations and/or packaging based on your needs.